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Chester Seyer

and his wife Kristi took over the operation of Seyer Auction Service in 2007 after the passing of his father Andrew Seyer II.  Andrew will long be remembered for his witty and comical banter while running the family business for 40 years in southeast Missouri.  Today, Chester along with Charles Mangels and L R Brandes call the action while Kristi keeps track of items and prices and Mary Seyer settles the final bill with customers.

Seyer Auction Service is known for the quality service and the sense of community they provide for their clients.  Attending an auction held by Seyer Auction Service will provide a day of quality fun with the possibility of finding a treasure which you have determined the value.                                                                      

Seyer Auction Service can provide you with any type of auction service you may need from large farm estate auctions or real estate auctions, to selling off your collections.


                                        Kristi Seyer                       Mary Seyer

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